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Horn - Saving grace!

We used Tom and Allies fingerprinting service and we are so so happy with their service, they are kind, professional and explained everything carefully. Not to mention they are saving grace during lockdown if you need fingerprinting done. I highly recommend them especially for 2022 when Kiwi Bank no longer does fingerprinting.

Jack - Know their stuff!

These guys are there for you and were happy to help me through a US fingerprinting process over phone and email. The public fingerprinting system seems to be broken if not non existent after the post office handing it over to Kiwi bank; not to mention that unvaccinated persons weren’t even allowed to book an appointment with kiwi banks finger printing. Forensic Insight saved the day when this could have become a major road block to the visa process. Give them a ring, they’re great people who know they’re stuff.

Chris - Welcoming attitude

Super professional. Easy to work with and a great service with a warm and welcoming attitude!! Would recommend to anyone!


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